Design Studio



The Logan Drafting department is built much like our homes, “Smart”. With the advancement of technology in CAD, Logan Homes has capitalized on a full BIM (Building Information Modeling) software. What this means, is that our drafting department can model your home in 3D and pull information such as materials for estimating. Through this process it allows Logan Homes more time to focus on customer requests while providing comprehensive plans.


Drafting Process

Once your house is modeled in our 3D CAD software, Logan homes will begin to estimate your house using the BIM technology by extracting data. This data is complied and sent over to our estimators so they can continue to capture customer specific requests and further estimating. From here, the material that was captured in the model is then purchased and shipped to your site to begin construction.

Plans & Options

The 3D Modeling software has empowered our drafting department to handle over 80 different plans and over 165 modeling options. This allows us to offer a wide variety of possibilities to our customers.


Each customer receives a full set of plans, “construction documents“, that is specific to the house and options that the customer has chosen.