Build Smart

A Safe Investment

We know value matters, that’s why Logan Homes offers luxury homes at competitive prices. We also know that the value in a home is one you pass along to your family or to the next happy owner, so we build with more than price in mind. Since 1986, it’s been our mission to continue to serve more clients, helping build countless dream homes through economic highs and lows. Our clients recognize that our tangible products – materials, fixtures and finishes used, the quality craftsmanship – are superior, but our intangibles – integrity, service, promises kept, expectations exceeded – elevate us above the competition. Logan Homes has the experience, reputation, people, history and ability to build dream homes that suit your lifestyle and provide a sound home investment.


Smart Efficiency

Here at Logan Homes we use the best possible methods to make your home efficient; heating and cooling systems correctly sized, insulation, and appliances designed for efficiency and comfort - to lower your energy bills.

Smart Resources

We utilize best practices in conserving energy and resources; reducing construction waste, job site recycling, and optimized use of natural resources.

Smart Investment

Our homes come standard with features that are good for the environment, for the future, and for your wallet. Your home is designed to reduce environmental impact and promote a safe and more sustainable neighborhood. The HERS Index will tell you how efficiently your home is operating, and when selling your home, a low score on the HERS Index can be attractive to buyers.