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At Logan Homes, we make smart decisions that will last the lifetime of your home. From energy efficient construction using environmentally-friendly materials, it’s easy to see that Logan cares about the impact your dream home has on you and the earth.  Not only do we select practices and materials that take energy efficiency and the environment into account, we use vendors and suppliers that are environmentally conscious and offer a variety of earth-friendly programs and products, keeping you and your new environment happy and healthy.  


The HERS (Home Energy Rating System) Index is an energy-efficiency scoring system developed by the U.S. Department of Energy to streamline verification of a building's relative energy usage versus consumption, and is the recognized standard. Where each point is a 1% increase or decrease in energy consumption, the average new home scores an Index of 100, while the average Logan Smart home scores between 65 and 75 (standard features).

Ask our Builder Specialists how you can make your plan even more energy efficient and reduce your energy bills!





Did you know:

A home with a HERS Index of 50 uses half the energy of a home that scores a HERS Index of 100. How will your new home perform?



Smart Features

Logan Homes is proud to unveil our newest Smart Features list.  This Home Efficiency Guide explains the new standard features that make building your Logan home a smart choice.

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