Tips to Keep Your Home Organized This School Year

Tips to Keep Your Home Organized This School Year

A family and their Logan home that they organized for the school year.

September 22, 2022

The new school year is in full swing throughout the great states of North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia—and parents may be finding themselves exhausted and frazzled after waking up the kids, packing lunches, commuting to and from school, supervising homework and finding time for extracurricular activities. Although you can’t plan for everything—you can make sure that your Logan home is prepped and ready to go for you to feel organized, prepared and excited about the school year ahead. Read on to see some tips you can incorporate into your own home to ease the side effects of back-to-school stress. 

A family and their Logan home that they organized for the school year.

Create an organized entryway 

Even if you made extra preparations before the school year began, the first few months back at school can certainly feel a little hectic. As you’re getting back into the groove, one way to ensure that the mornings are slightly easier for both you and your kids is by creating an organized entryway—whether this is by your garage entry or a side door. This will be the ideal place for kids to store backpacks, instrument cases, sports equipment, school supplies and more. For a simple and budget-friendly organizational option, adding a few hooks on the wall or creating a hanging folder for your kids to place any permission slips or school notes for parents is a great way to go. Built-in organizational cubes, though, can be a better option if you’re trying to stick with the overall interior design of your home. 

Designate a study space

With school projects, homework or studying to do throughout the school year, having a specific space where your kids can go to truly focus on their work is extremely important. Depending on which floor plan design you have in our wide range of options—a spare bedroom or a study room is an ideal space for this, and for an added sense of fun for the kids, let them help decorate the area so they are excited about it right away. Add in desks for your older kids or spaces for your younger children to work on any drawings. Incorporating storage options, filing spaces or a cork board could also add greatly to the space. Don’t forget to stock up on pens, pencils, notebooks and anything else your kids might need for any projects they bring home. 

Stock up the pantry

For most kids, the after-school snacks might just be the most important thing on the day’s to-do list—so it’s also a great idea to get your pantry organized before the year starts. Put their favorite snacks near the front of the pantry so they can quickly grab what they need once they get back home. Additionally, this is a great time to simply go through everything in your pantry, toss out anything that has expired, donate any items you no longer want to a local food bank and declutter the area. 

Enjoy the school year to the fullest extent

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