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About Us

At Logan Homes, we’re more than a group of dedicated building professionals, we’re a family. By sharing in our beliefs and values we establish the basis for how we do business and grow as an organization.

    At Logan Homes, we rely on strong leaders and envisioned thinkers at every level of our company to propel us to new heights. It's important that they know where we have been and where we are going, but most of all, how we will get there. Read on to learn what drives us to excellence.

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to build homes and develop communities where value, location, and lifestyle come together.

    Our Vision

    • To assemble and empower exceptional individuals who are committed to excellence, professional growth, and are passionate about winning!
    • To expand our market share by offering dynamic floor plans, with smart options and competitive pricing in locations where people want to live.
    • To embrace cutting edge technologies, best practices and streamlined processes that set us apart from the competition.

    Our Values

    • People: Find the best and empower them to become great.
    • Character: Be honest and act with integrity.
    • Capitalism: Lead the competition in the marketplace and reward for excellence.
    • Communication: Connect regularly with clients, vendors, teammates and associates.
    • Adaptability: Embrace change, creativity and innovation.
    • Relationships: Invest in them continuously - they are the gateways to success.
    • Efficiency: Implement streamlined and simple processes.

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