Our Take on Energy Efficiency

Our Take on Energy Efficiency

Image of a Logan Homes front porch.

March 18, 2022

At Logan Homes, we take pride in building incredible new-construction homes throughout the great states of North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia with endless benefits for our buyers—and energy efficiency is one of our top priorities. Our new homes are built with the highest quality features in the industry, with conscious practices and progressive materials implemented to not only save homeowners money on energy costs—but to also minimize a home's impact on the environment and give our owners peace of mind. 

Logan Homes is constantly striving towards more efficient ways of building and designing our homes, and we’re here to share our processes and ideas with our valued customers—so read on to find out more about what we’re doing to maximize forward-thinking energy efficiency in all of our homes. 

Image of a Logan Homes front porch.

Smart Efficiency

Logan Homes embraces cutting-edge technology and practices in all of our building processes, and we believe in including multiple energy-efficient components in every home we develop. There are many steps to take when it comes to maximizing energy efficiency, and we’re dedicated to taking every step we need to in order to build some of the most environmentally friendly homes on the market.

Our innovative features start with the structures and systems of our homes, including our wonderful HVAC systems, which are engineered per plan to significantly reduce energy consumption—as well as advanced weatherproof house wrap that helps control air and moisture through exterior walls to keep heating and cooling costs down—further increasing the R-value of your home. Our forward-thinking PEX plumbing systems also highly contribute to a rise in R-value, with mechanical fittings that require no solvents, chemicals or flames—maintaining more water and conserving more energy than most other plumbing systems. With foam sealed bottom plates and exterior wall outlets, saving energy is easier than ever before by providing a constant thermal break through locking in heating and cooling. Our Low-E (low emissivity) windows can reduce energy costs up to 15% by both insulating and reflecting heat back to its source—and our Energy Star Rated LED Bulbs use up to 75% less energy and last up to 10 times longer than traditional light bulbs. These incredible eco-friendly features mark just the beginning of our energy-efficient practices at Logan Homes, and going green is something we’ll always value in all our carefully-crafted homes.

Smart Resources

A major part of our energy efficiency method at Logan Homes involves the optimization of natural resources—from job site recycling to native plants and everything in between. Our engineered roof and floor systems are designed to be strong and innovative by minimizing material waste, further reducing material costs, which leads to smart investments. We incorporate carbon monoxide detectors in all of our new homes to maintain interior air quality, as well as various E-Rated appliances to exceed energy efficiency standards and maximize utilization of natural resources. Native plantings are also extremely important to us at Logan Homes, as they make for a beautiful landscape with less water to maintain—as well as rain sensors to conserve resources and energy. 

Smart Investments

At Logan Homes, our energy efficiency goes beyond what occurs inside the home. In addition to high-quality development, our energy-efficient homes use advanced technology that’s engineered to use significantly fewer resources. Buying from Logan Homes guarantees immediate returns on your investments, in other words—your home is cash flow positive from day one due to the money you’ll save on typical utilities. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that the typical household can save at least 25% on utility bills each year with energy efficiency measures—and we’re looking to increase that statistic even more at Logan Homes. It begins with our major components, from HVAC systems and PEX plumbing to engineered roof and floor systems—all the way down to the smaller details, like our Low-E windows and Energy Star Rated LED light bulbs. Choosing Logan Homes means that your gorgeous new home is beneficial for not only the environment and the future of our planet, but for your wallet and investments as well. 

If you’re ready to start your journey towards an innovative, eco-friendly and beautiful new home, Logan Homes is the builder you can trust. Give us a call today at (910) 507 -2115, or contact us online for more information and to speak with our experienced team. We look forward to hearing from you, and we can’t wait to continue developing close relationships and incredible energy-efficient homes for all of our buyers.