Top Ways to Use Your Tax Return On Your New Home

Top Ways to Use Your Tax Return On Your New Home

Image of a Logan home on the right and a tax return stock image on the left.

March 22, 2023

As the month of March is well underway, tax return season is just around the corner—which means it's time to start thinking about investing that hard-earned money in something special. Are you dreaming of a new wardrobe, an upgraded car or even a brand-new home? If you're considering the latter, Logan Homes has you covered. With over three decades of experience building stunning homes in the most desirable communities throughout South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia, we know a thing or two about making your dream home a reality—and there's no better time to take the leap than during tax season, where you can make the most of your return by investing in a new Logan home. Keep reading to discover some of the many ways you can put that extra cash to use in your new abode, from closing costs to luxurious furnishings and everything in between.

Put it toward your down payment

One of the biggest hurdles for many prospective homebuyers is coming up with the necessary funds for a down payment. This can be especially challenging for first-time homebuyers who may not have a lot of savings built up. However, in addition to low down payment mortgage programs available that can make it easier to get into a brand-new home, such as FHA and Conventional loans—if you have a tax refund coming, you can put it toward your down payment to help alleviate some of the financial stress. 

Pay less in closing costs

If you're purchasing a new home, closing costs are an inevitable expense that can add up quickly. These costs typically include items such as appraisal fees, inspection fees, title insurance, and attorney fees, among others. Depending on the size of your tax refund, it could cover a significant portion of the closing costs, leaving you with more money to put toward other expenses, such as furniture or upgrades. 

Splurge on high-quality furniture and decor

One of the best ways to use your tax return to enhance your brand-new home is by investing in quality furniture and adding personal touches with decor. By adding comfortable seating and stylish tables, you can create a welcoming environment for family and guests. Whether you prefer traditional or modern styles, there is a wide range of options available for furniture that will complement any room. Adding artwork, photos and other decorative elements that reflect your taste and personality is a great way to make your Logan home feel even more inviting. Additionally—don't forget about creating a relaxing outdoor space! By adding outdoor furniture and decor, you can create a sanctuary for entertaining guests or enjoying a quiet evening outdoors while taking in the gorgeous South Carolina, North Carolina or Georgia weather.

Personalize your new home

At Logan Homes, we carefully craft each of our beautiful, high-quality layouts with the latest in design trends and energy-efficient standards—as well as optional add-ons and upgrades for our homeowners to enjoy a home that’s uniquely theirs in every way. From dedicated study rooms to upstairs loft spaces and additional bedrooms to spa master bathrooms—there’s truly no better time than tax return season to create the home you’ve always envisioned with our optional add-ons and upgrades. Our experienced team will work with you to personalize our floor plans throughout our communities to meet your specific needs and preferences, creating a home that truly reflects your personality. 

Invest in a brand-new home with Logan Homes

Regardless of the time of year, our team at Logan Homes is here to help you find a home that perfectly fits your lifestyle—but there’s no doubt that tax return season is the most advantageous time to purchase a brand-new home. Whether you’re putting your refund toward your down payment or closing costs, or using it to splurge on new furniture or add-ons to our floor plans—you can trust that you’re making a smart investment for your future with a highly-trusted builder that is committed to exceeding expectations. If you’re ready to make the most of this tax return season, take a look through our move-in ready homes in our communities throughout South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia—or fill out our online form today for more information! We’re happy to help.