Hunting Island, SC

Hunting Island, SC

June 3, 2017

Hunting Island State Park is one of the most popular state parks and beaches in South Carolina. Featuring a pristine beach surrounded in a natural setting and access to the Atlantic Ocean, Hunting Island attracts many visitors every year.

Photo by Charleston’s The Digetel / CC BY

The Island offers a campground with easy access to the beach. It also houses a historic lighthouse, which is the only one in the state open to the public to climb. From the top of the lighthouse, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the ocean, beach and marsh. For those who enjoy fishing, opportunities are abundant in the lagoon, Johnson Creek or surf fishing on the beach.

Photo by popofatticus / CC BY

Boaters can enjoy public access on the south end of the park, offering access to Harbor River and Fripp Inlet. Hunting Island offers an 8-mile long trail open for biking and hiking, in addition to its walking and nature trails, providing visitors an opportunity to experience the natural surroundings.  You might recognize parts of Hunting Island, as it has been used as a backdrop for films, such as Forest Gump.

Photo by Dan J / CC BY